When to Hire an Immigration Attorney

You are in immigration court
Most practitioners would agree that aliens in immigration court require the services of an attorney to assist in their potential removal relief. There are various players in court, including the immigration judge and DHS attorney and without proper representation, an alien would likely suffer a disadvantage.

You are inadmissible to the US

There are various grounds of inadmissibility that make an alien ineligible for immigrant petitions without curing that ground of inadmissibility or filing a waiver. Such processes are incredibly complex and demand the knowledge and expertise of an attorney.

You are experiencing significant delays

Immigration cases can take many months and even years in some cases to complete. In some instances the case processing times fall outside of normal processing. In such instances it is advisable to retain counsel to assist with getting your case back on track.

You are overwhelmed with the paperwork

Immigration cases require significant preparation and paperwork. There are countless applications and supporting documents for each petition. Immigration attorneys are experts in the field and specialize in the collection of evidence and preparation of the applications and can certainly assist best.

You are unfamiliar with the process

Immigration cases are generally complex and require a variety or government forms and supporting documents. Without the requisite training, aliens are often ill-equipped to file alone and can make significant mistakes that cause delays and further problems. An immigration attorney can ensure that simple mistakes and delays will not happen.

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