Weekly Immigration Update 

This week marked yet another turbulent one for President Trump and his administration. After having his travel ban struck down in Federal Court, he has vowed to keep Americans safe from “bad guys.” His administration has prioritized removal to include all those with minor criminal records, including even using fraud or misrepresentation to obtain a work benefit. 

This has been done through the more extreme enforcement efforts of ICE and now through a proposed deployment of National Guard troops for the round-up of undocumented people. While the White House has denied reports of this proposal, a draft memo exists outlining it. Also this week we have seen the arrest of a DACA Dreamer, who has no prior criminal record. ICE has maintained that he has gang ties, which led to the arrest. And we cannot forget about Jeanette Vizguerra, a mother of 3 U.S. Citizens who has been in the country since 1997. She used fraudulent papers to obtain a work benefit and entered the country twice without inspection. Her motion to stay her removal was denied this week and she has sought shelter in a church to avoid deportation. 
Despite these troubling cases of questionable immigration enforcement, we have also seen signs of progress. Over 25,000 people became U.S. Citizens this week, pledging their allegiance to our great country. Further, the Day Without Immigrants was a stark reminder that our nation is built on the backs of immigrants and without them, not only do we not have fully functioning restaurants or entertainment, but our entire infrastructure suffers without their positive presence and productivity. 

As always, ALO supports our immigrant community and will continue to do the work of uniting families in the U.S. 

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