USCIS New Delivery Option for Applicants

USCIS customers can use the overnight delivery or courier service of their choice to receive certain documents. This option provides greater customer service by allowing you to select your preferred delivery service provider to receive documents such as approval and denial notices, requests for evidence, and most travel documents.

To ensure your overnight delivery requests are not delayed, please remember to:

Include a prepaid air bill when you submit your application, petition, or response to a request for evidence. The best way to avoid delivery errors is to provide a prepaid shipping label obtained directly from the delivery service. This will avoid the need to write in an account number. Enter your name in both the “to” and “from” fields on the air bill.
Never list USCIS as the sender and do not mark “bill to sender.”
Pay all delivery costs in advance and include the prepaid air bill with your submission.
If the delivery costs are not paid in full, USCIS will send the documents to you by regular U.S. mail. For additional information on using a delivery or courier service, please visit our website.

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