POTUS Executive Order Coming this week

Multiple sources, including the President himself, have indicated that the POTUS will be signing a new executive order concerning immigration this week. 

This order will be in direct response to the President’s initial travel ban, which prevented refugees from 7 predominantly Muslim countries from entering the US. It also restricted entry for green card and visa holders from those countries. Supporters hailed the order as a protective measure for national security while opponents suggested it was discriminatory and unconstitutional. Attorneys nationwide challenged the order in Federal Court and the Ninth Circuit ultimately struck down the ban. President Trump appealed the decision on the grounds that he as the President has broad discretion to preserve national security interests. On appeal, the Court maintained their original position and the ban has been eliminated. 

The new executive order will likely eliminate the permanent Syrian refugee ban as well as entry for visa and green card holders. However, there are indications that the list of 7 predominantly Muslim counties will remain affected. 

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