Nanny Visa Options

There are a few options for host families to bring a foreign nanny/domestic worker to assist them in their home.
J Visa – Au Pair

The au pair program utilizes the J1 visa and persons wishes to hire an au pair must do so through an au pair program authorized by the US Department of State. Au pairs must meet the following requirements: 

(1) Are between the ages of 18 and 26; 

(2) Are a secondary school graduate, or equivalent; 

(3) Are proficient in spoken English; 

(4) Are capable of fully participating in the program as evidenced by the satisfactory completion of a physical; 

(5) Have been personally interviewed, in English, by an organizational representative who shall prepare a report of the interview which shall be provided to the host family; and 

(6) Have successfully passed a background investigation that includes verification of school, three, non-family related personal and employment references, a criminal background check or its recognized equivalent and a personality profile.

H2B Seasonal Worker

The H2B visa is generally employed by companies with seasonal or intermittent business such as coastal restaurants, theme parks or other tourist spots. However, the H2B visa can also be used to bring nannies to the US. Unlike the au pair program which requires the host family to go through an au pair program, the host family can directly petition for the nanny.

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