Fiance Visa Filing Tips

This guide is intended for K1 visa applicants and provides useful tips to handle the process.

Submit All Supporting Documents

During the initial I-129F filing, be sure to submit all supporting documents and evidence with the application. This includes the letters of intent of both parties as well as evidence of your meeting your fiancé within the last two years immediately preceding the filing of the petition. Without the proper submission, USCIS will request more evidence and the case will be unnecessarily delayed.

Keep Copies of the Application

Be sure to keep a paper or electronic copy of the entire application and supporting documents as this information will be sent to your fiancé overseas for review before interview.

Update all Biographical Documents

Before your fiancé interview, you will be required to provide a valid passport. Be sure that the passport is still valid and does not need to be renewed, to avoid unnecessary delay.

Obtain Certified Copies

If there are any previous marriages between the fiancé couple, be sure to obtain the certified divorce decree and provide the original at the time of interview.

Provide Previous Vaccine Record

Part of the fiancé visa process is that the beneficiary must obtain a medical exam in their foreign country. By documenting previous vaccinations, the beneficiary may not require the entire medical exam to be completed. Once the exam is complete, the alien should request an official copy of the vaccine record to provide during the adjustment of status phase in the United States.

Keep Proof of an Ongoing Relationship

During the second phase of the fiancé visa, the couple must establish that they have maintained an ongoing relationship. This can include photos, travel documents, emails, etc. from between the time of filing and the first notice of action.

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