An Overview of TPS

The following guide is intended for applicants for Temporary Protected Status from a designated country.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a temporary status that the U.S. government grants to persons already in the United States that are from countries determined unsafe for return if: There is ongoing armed conflict within the country; or A natural or environmental disaster has led to a substantial but temporary disruption of living conditions; or Other extraordinary and temporary conditions prevent persons from returning to the country in safety.

Time Period

When the United States designates a country for TPS status, it will also designate a time period in which persons from that country must register for TPS benefits and as well as a termination date.


To establish your eligibility for TPS, you must: provide proof of your identity; provide proof that you are a national of a TPS-designated country; provide proof that you have been continuously living in the United States since the date of TPS-designation; register within the designated registration period; and not be subject to certain security and criminal grounds that make you inadmissible.

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