U Visa – Victims of Crime

The following guide is intended as a general overview of the types of special immigrant status visas.


The U visa is for immigrants who have been victims of a crime and assist or are willing to assist U.S. authorities in investigating and/or prosecuting that crime.


To be eligible to apply for a U visa, a person must: Have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of being a victim of certain types of crimes; Possess information about that criminal activity; Provide a certification from a law enforcement official, prosecutor, or judge that the person has been, is being helpful, or is likely to be helpful in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity; and Show that the criminal activity violated the laws of the United States

Qualifying Criminal Activities

Abduction Abusive Sexual Contact Blackmail Domestic Violence Extortion False Imprisonment Female Genital Mutilation Felonious Assault Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting Hostage Incest Involuntary Servitude Kidnapping Manslaughter Murder Obstruction of Justice Peonage Perjury Prostitution Rape Sexual Assault Sexual Exploitation Slave Trade Stalking Torture Trafficking Witness Tampering Unlawful Criminal Restraint Other Related Crimes*+ *Includes any similar activity where the elements of the crime are substantially similar. +Also includes attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit any of the above and other related crimes.

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