1st Presidential Debate Lacking Immigration Talk

Yesterday’s 1st Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump touched on many issues ranging from job creation, the economy, trade, gun violence, racial tensions, and national security. Interestingly, while the topic of securing America was addressed, immigration was not. Moderator Lester Holt failed to ask any questions regarding Trump’s plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, deporting the 11 million undocumented individuals in the U.S., or his proposals to keep Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. Similarly, Clinton was not asked any questions about her plan to allow a pathway for citizenship for millions of the undocumented population.

Polls have consistently shown that immigration is one of the most popular and pressing issues of the election season. Further, it helped catapult Trump’s popularity during the Republic primaries. Interestedly, the issue was missing during the 1st Presidential Debate.

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